About Center Line Resource

Established in 2006, Center Line Resource (CLR) is dedicated to quality pipeline and Utility Line Locator Training and Certification with the goal of breaking the “hand- me-down” training prevalent in the industry today.

Our line locator programs are tailored to meet or exceed the requirements recommended by PHMSA (DOT). The curriculum has been developed to address section four of the Common Ground Alliance best practices and is structured closely after the NULCA (National Utility Locating Contractors Association) training model.


As many of you know, Wade and Terri Averett have been working with us here at Center Line Resource for several years. Both have been strongly involved in performing locator training programs. A few years back they expressed interest in purchasing Center Line and we decided they were the right people to carry the torch forward. Over the last few years we have been working very hard at insuring a seamless transition to the Averetts. As of January 2021 they are the majority stock holders and as such will be handling all of the day to day business for the company. Please refer all questions and concerns to them. Wade’s contact information is listed below for your convenience. Liz and I will continue acting as consultants for Wade and Terri into the future but will be distancing from the day to day end of the business.

Wade Averett
Cell: 307-272-4335
Email: waverett@tctwest.net

We would like to extend a sincere Thank you to all who have continued with us here at Center Line throughout the years. Your continued support has certainly been well appreciated. Rest assured that you’re in excellent hands with Wade and Terri. They are very well done!

With sincere regards,
Monte and Liz



With over 100 years of field experience among our four highly-skilled instructors, we bring the field to the classroom and take the classroom to the field providing both classroom and hands-on instruction that will benefit all levels of utility locators, from novice to expert.


We do not sell or endorse any particular utility line locating instrument or instrument manufacturers, so we can remain unbiased in our utility locator training program efforts. We train your employees using their instruments in hand.


With Center Line Resource you don’t just learn to locate utility lines, you also learn electromagnetic principles and how they affect accuracy. This is why more companies choose CLR as their exclusive Utility Line Locator Training and Certification provider.

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