About us

Quality utility locator training and certification which breaks the cycle of hand-me-down training prevalent in the industry today.

Established in 2006, Center Line Resource is a Wyoming-based corporation dedicated to honest, unbiased utility locator training.

We purposely do not sell or promote utility locating equipment, enabling us to keep our training objective and unbiased. 

Our line locator training has been tailored to meet the requirements recommended by the PHMSA (DOT) for utility locators. The curriculum has been developed to address the primary points laid out in section four (4) of the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices and to meet or exceed the requirement of the NULCA training model.

Our line locator training consists of classroom as well as hands-on and science allowing the students deeper understanding of how the instruments function. This insight translates into cleaner, more accurate decision-making in the field.
The hands-on portion is focused on function. This time is spent incorporating the concepts, principles, and field shape tests introduced in the classroom. We train your employees using their own instruments in the field.

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Center Line Resource is dedicated to quality utility locator training and certification which breaks the cycle of hand-me-down training prevalent in the industry today.


Wade Averett

Line Locator Instructor

Hello, my name is Wade Averett. I started my locating career in 1994 locating telecom systems. Over the course of 24 years I’ve located all kinds of utilities including primary and secondary power lines, water lines, sewer lines, fiber and copper telecom lines, oil and gas gathering systems, well pads, cathodic protection systems, transmission and distribution pipelines and more.

My initial training was poorly done, not a huge surprise considering that training in this arena has been sorely lacking in the past and still is for the most part. My training then consisted of about three hours. (I was lucky. Most people don’t even get that!) Essentially I was told “Here is the cable, here is how you hook-up the transmitter, and here is how you find it with the receiver”. Unfortunately I was forced to learn a lot by trial and error which is incredibly inefficient. Thankfully I was able to piece together some information with the help of a few outstanding telecom techs.

I worked as a contract locator for 16 years, the last 10 of which I supervised and managed the states of Wyoming and Kansas. In 2010 my wife Terri and I started our own contract locating company. Shortly thereafter we decided to take a training course offered by Center Line Resource Inc. I learned more in that 2-day class than I had in the previous 16 years! We were shocked!

That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Center Line Resource. The training in the past has been woefully inadequate and I have a chance to help change that. I now have the privilege of passing along my knowledge and experience in the hope of improving the accuracy of tomorrow’s locators.

Terri Averett

Line Locator Instructor

My name is Terri Averett. I became a professional locator in 1995. I’ve come to realize just how dangerous excavating near underground utilities can be. If struck, many of them possess the power to inflict serious injuries and to unleash environmental disasters. Since the first step toward a safe excavation is accurate locates. To me, the most important part of any excavation is, and always will be: accurately located utilities.

I started my career in this industry locating telecommunication lines. From there I branched out into electrical systems, water lines, oil and gas gathering systems, gas distribution systems, cathodic protection systems, and transmission pipelines. I have located thousands of challenging, complicated underground facilities and have experience using many types of locating instruments. I spent a considerable amount of my career in the natural gas industry but recently retired from that to be more actively involved in helping to operate the contract locate company that my husband, Wade Averett and I co-founded in 2010.

I’m very excited to be a part of “Center Line Resource” as an instructor and firmly believe that my past will be of great benefit to those that need to learn this complicated task. Many advancements have been made in this industry over the years including more advanced and technical locating equipment. I hope to continue to find new ways to highlight the work we do by bringing the challenges of the locate industry to light. I sincerely believe that combining my skills, experience, and knowledge in teaching others in this specialized field will help raise the standard of safety and damage prevention. My goal is to help create the finest generation of underground utility locators to date.